The lure of the sea is unescapable. No one knows why humans desire to explore the oceans and waterways of the world ... perhaps it is simply that 70% of our planet is covered by water. Compact Mega Yachts was formed to offer those that dream, a means to explore in something different. Something special.


Mega Yachts - huge and ultra-expensive vessels - are a sight to behold and few argue the satisfaction one would have from owning one. CMY believed that the dream life on a Mega Yacht could be brought to reality for more people, yet in a smaller, more practical platform. Thus the basis of our name ... Compact Mega Yachts. 


With an ethos of ‘less is more’, CMY set out to create a series of boats to fulfil the dreams of those for whom a traditional Mega Yacht might be out of reach. A set of parameters were put in place at the beginning … striking contemporary design, kind to the environment, maximum comfort, highest possible quality and … importantly ... at an affordable price. 


The CMY design team, with naval architect Paul Bury, has created a totally fresh concept that is timeless and functional. The modern lines combine multiple areas to relax and take in your surroundings or just settle-in with a good book. Entertaining, a cornerstone of enjoying relaxation time, was forefront at every stage of the design process and culminated in two layout options to fit every owner’s lifestyle.


The CMY161 comes with three OXE 300hp Diesel Outboards as standard. These revolutionary engines, created in partnership with BMW, are taking the boating industry by storm. They consume up to 40% less fuel compared to gas petrol powered outboards. And developed in-house with OXE, our 'adaptable powering' concept dramatically reduces fuel consumption further by only using the horsepower (engines) that are required. It reduces drag by keeping unused engines out of the water. Lower fuel usage and less drag dramatically reduces the consumption and cost of running. It also reduces pollution which, as we know, depletes natures reserves less quickly. One might say ... it’s revolutionary. We call it ‘ECO Mode’.


Luxury is most often defined by the volume of personal space around you. To increase volume and the sense of luxury, we maximised the space of social areas by keeping them on one level. We pushed the dimensions of the saloon to the maximum width of the hull. The walk-over side decks and lower floor enabled us to add 25% to 30% more volume to the saloon. To add to the perceived sense of space, we incorporated nearly 360 degrees of glass to the saloon and helm areas. Not only does this bring in a huge amount of daylight, it also opens your views to distant horizons. And to the environment around you.


Ocean Quality Systems - CMY's partner from the beginning - is one of Finland’s premier boatbuilders. We chose OQS to build the CMY161 due to its ability to manufacture to the highest international standards. Its build methodology utilises Finland's finest skills and talent in an assembly-style production process. This guarantees the utmost quality, while reducing build times. Less build time means quicker delivery. Which is less cost to the buyer.


Boating - or in Mega Yacht terms 'sailing' - is one of life's great pleasures. It is an indulgence that satisfies the lure of the sea and fulfils the dreams of a child or a wise old salt. CMY exists to bring 'sailing' to those that wish to fulfil their dreams and are ready to explore the seas in their ‘Compact Mega Yacht’.  


Enjoy looking through this website. Interact with our digital experiences and, when you are ready, reach out to our qualified sales Concierges. They are friendly, professional and here to assist you with your purchase. Working closely with CMY, they will ensure your time spent on your Compact Mega Yacht is the best it can possibly be.

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